Distro hopping

That’s Fedora telling me we had a good thing and I had to go distro hopping. In the span of 36 hours I stupidly decided to try to install Ubuntu side-by-side with my Fedora install. Fedora was working great, I just had a wild hair and figured I could make it work. WRONG! I’ll spare the details, but it wasn’t pretty.

From there I bounced around to NixOS, EndeavourOS, RHEL, Ubuntu (again) before realizing the one I liked best was Fedora. So here we are, back where we started, on Fedora. And all is right with my laptop. At least I had enough sense to backup my important data before this adventure. So all I’ve really lost is time to pursue bug bounties. Which if you read the post before this one, I finally got paid for. So I need to not distro hop any more and focus on the bounties.

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