5 Days in 2 weeks

Today, I completed day 25 of #100DaysOfSwiftUI. For those keeping track it’s been two weeks since I completed day 20. Life, uh uh uh, finds a way….. to interrupt my SwiftUI learning.

Day 25 is “Consolidation II” day and took a fair bit of thinking. I was able to use what I’ve learned in combination with borrowing code from Project 3 and create a usable app. The UI could use some pretty-ing up, but we have a workable solution.

Once all the goals of the challenge had been met, I read into @twostraws hints. It turns out, I was mostly on track but could’ve improved how I tracked wrong answers. I had setup a switch statement in a computed property, but another array was a better solution.

One fun experiment I tried today was to run the project in Swift Playgrounds on my iPad. Using the Universal Clipboard, I copied the code from my MacBook Air to my iPad and ran it. Take a look! Neat.

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